Advanced Clinical Research Facility

Vince & Associates Clinical Research is recognized for its ability to rapidly and effectively recruit and retain both special populations and healthy normal volunteers in early phase clinical trials. Our state-of-the-art research facility houses a specialty unit for early QT evaluation to minimize cardiac monitoring interference, a level 5 pharmacy, an adaptive, secure, limited access Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU) to sequester unique populations, controlled ventilation smoking rooms and an expanded recruitment center.

Smoking Evaluation

This controlled ventilation smoking area is distinctly divided into two areas with independent ventilation systems to allow for the evaluation of smoking, vaping, tobacco risk assessment, nicotine delivery and smoking cessation research. The indoor smoking areas allow for controlled evaluation of cigarette and vaporizer comparators.

QT Safety Assessment

Our specialized QT safety assessment unit has been designed to minimize 60hz interference allowing for better data collection. We are well-positioned to support the current and shifting guidance with our expertise in conducting both traditional TQT studies as well as High Precision QT analysis in early phase trials.

Human Abuse Liability

Our physicians are experienced in recruiting both recreational drug users and substance dependent volunteers. We have significant experience in substance abuse studies including new chemical entities, abuse deterrent formulations, nasal snorting, methadone/buprenorphine, alcohol interaction and hydromorphone challenge.

Adaptive Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU)

A locked, limited-access, self-contained, highly reconfigurable and adaptable space for our biopharmaceutical clients to perform individualized complex clinical trials with challenging subject populations while controlling every aspect of the study environment, and making it possible to obtain key efficacy data earlier in their development process.