December 4,2017 Taline Chichekian

The holiday season is upon us once again! It’s a happy and exciting period for some, but can also be a stressful and borderline anxiety-inducing time for others.

Dinners, parties, spending your last three paychecks on gifts, gifts and more gifts … Don’t let this long list of to-dos and over-the-top expectations overwhelm you and turn this joyful season into a treacherous one.

Follow our 7 easy tips to check the holiday drama at the door and get through the next few weeks without spiking your blood pressure:

1. Take some time off work. Plan ahead and ask your boss for the time off. You deserve the break.

2. Book a massage. Proven to reduce stress, pain, muscle tension and boost immunity, what better remedy after a full day of scouring every shopping mall in the city.

3. Stay hydrated. Don’t forget your daily intake of water while you’re running all your errands to keep your body temperature in check and stay energized. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 15.5 cups of fluids for men and 11.5 cups for women per day is the adequate intake.

4. Set a budget…and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away with all the gifts and decorations, but spend wisely and stay within your means to avoid a bout of depression when the bill arrives in January.

5. Spend time with loved ones. Friends and family, that’s what truly counts. Give them the gift of time by reconnecting with them and sharing some laughs.

6. DON’T go out on Dec. 26. Save yourself the hassle, the gas money and the leg cramps waiting in insanely long lineups. Nothing ‘worthwhile’ is usually left in the stores by then anyway.

7. No guilt trips, please. Have some eggnog, and have that piece of chocolate cake too! Be kind to yourself and aim for ‘good enough’, not ‘perfect’.

The entire team at Altasciences Clinical Research wishes you happy and safe holidays!

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