Specialized Pharmacy

Scott IV 2

Our Pharmacists have extensive knowledge and experience in preparing and dosing studies via oral, sublingual, intranasal and parenteral routes. We are proud of our robust pharmacy capabilities, which include:

  • Full time clinical research pharmacists
  • Controlled Drug Substance Licenses
  • USP 797 certified clean room with Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Negative pressure, HEPA filtered extemporaneous compounding room equipped with PowderSafe Ductless Balance Enclosure
  • Comprehensive Pharmacy specific SOPs
  • Extensive experience in extemporaneous and intravenous preparation, including biologics
  • Over-encapsulation, manipulation and usability processing of Abuse Deterrent oral dosage forms and the blinding of referenced and comparator products
  • 24/7 monitoring of storage environment
  • Electronic security access to pharmacy with video monitoring