Muchacho de Hierro Saves the Day!
May 20,2014 Bruce Copeland

I’ve spent the last couple weeks helping a group of friends fulfill a 6-year-old boy’s quest to become a superhero for a day.  It’s something that’s heartwarming to participate in, but also a little heartbreaking knowing a child so young can be stricken with a deadly disease.

Muchacho de Hierro

Isai (a.k.a. Muchacho de Hierro), is a 6-year-old boy battling Leukemia. With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Missouri Chapter, Isai saved Kansas City from the clutches of a dastardly villain, KC Cucaracha.

Every year I go to enjoy the Home Opener at Kauffman Stadium and we tailgate with a group of friends called the Diabolical Crew. It is a very close group mostly made up from ex-Marines and is, for the most part, a social group. Multiple times during the year they raise money for different charities. This year’s Home Opener raised enough funds for two wishes (each at a cost of about $5,000), with Isai being one of the recipients.


I helped organize the transportation to zip the villain as well as the hero around Kansas City. We were able to secure volunteers to take the crew all over the Kansas City Metro in a Mercedes G Class AMG SUV, a Maserati Quattroporte and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Muchacho de Hierro saved Kansas City from the city-wide crime spree of KC Cucaracha. Several different local news and social media outlets followed Muchacho de Hierro during his day across Kansas City.

The day started off with Isai spending the morning eating breakfast with his family at a local restaurant. What happened after that was anything but normal.

Isai looked across the aisle where his family sat to see a man in some sort of costume trying to take a purse away from one of the other customers. He leaped into action, donning his costume and Muchacho de Hierro raced to save the day! He ran up to the Villain, KC Cucaracha, punched and kicked him and then yanked the purse away from him to return to the woman.

The villain got away, but our hero kept in contact with authorities via his handy walkie-talkie to stay in hot pursuit.

It was rumored that KC Cucaracha was heading toward Legoland in downtown KC to steal all of the legos. Muchacho de Hierro went directly there so he could foil his nemesis once again. ‘Iron Boy’ did just that by knocking KC Cucaracha down with a single punch and chasing him off to save LEGOLAND.

A tip then came in over the radio that led our hero to the Sporting KC Practice facility where it was reported that KC Cucaracha was planning to steal the MLS Cup from the 2013 MLS Champions! Luckily, the team was there to assist Muchacho de Hierro and thwart the villain, who unfortunately fled the scene.

The next update that came in was letting our hero know that KC Cucaracha was headed to Adventure Zip KC to steal all of the zip lines from the popular adventurer destination in Bonner Springs, KS. It took some time to get across the metro, but Muchacho de Hierro arrived on the scene and, with the help of the facility staff, he saved the zip line from falling into the hands of KC Cucaracha.


Finally, at Kauffman Stadium local law enforcement as well as KC Royals mascot, Sluggerrr, aided Muchacho de Hierro in capturing KC Cucaracha and put him behind bars for good! Our little Iron Guy then practiced with the team as they warmed up for that evening’s game.

It seems like a lot to do for a day, but it really makes it worthwhile knowing that a child who may be here for a long time or, sadly, gone tomorrow experienced something he will never forget.

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